Schedule and Fees

Schedule: You are never late to practice – JUST COME!

Judo Class/Practice focus on all aspects of technique building that include Nage Waza (throwing techniques), Ukemi Waza (falling safe when thrown techniques), Ne Waza (grappling on the ground) and Atemi Waza (striking techniques – not allowed in competition). Riki sensei teaches using the proper Japanese names of the techniques, the origin and history of the techniques, and various applications of the techniques,

Monday Judo Class

Youth: 6:00 to 6:55 PM

Adults; 7:00 TO 8:30 pm

Tuesday Taiko Drum Class

Koshio Ryu Taiko-Do contact: 602-412-7781

5:30 to 7:30 PM, Japanese Taiko Drum class taught by world famous Ken Koshio. Taiko Drum classes are not part of the Riki Judo Dojo program and dues are separate. Taiko drum classes are great for the body, mind and spirit! Very Exciting and Exhilarating!

Wednesday Judo Kata Class

Youth 6:00 to 6:55 PM

Adults Kata Only: 7:00 to : 8:30

KATA (pre-arranged forms) – Wednesday is dedicated to learning and practicing the prearranged forms of Judo called Kata. Kata are structured routines consisting of patterns that focus on continuous improvement.. There are numerous Kata (forms) that include throwing, grappling and striking. Each Kata tells a story about attack and defense using Jujitsu and Judo techniques. Riki Judo Dojo is the only Judo school that teaches and practices Judo Kata every week in Arizona and one of a handful in the United States. Kata are the roots of Kodokan Judo and help you grow your knowledge, skills and abilities. .

Thursday Judo Class

Youth: 6:00 to 6:55 PM

Adults: 7:00 to 8:30 PM

Friday Judo Class

Youth 6:00 to 6:55 PM

Adults: 7:00 to 8:30 PMs

Saturday – Youth and Adults Judo Class

Youth 9:30 to 11:00 AM Judo Techniques

This class provides the opportunity for Youth and Adults to practice together to advance their Judo skills regardless of age, size or skill level. It’s a lot of fun for the youngsters to throw the adults and improves their confidence. Adults get the opportunity to use their knowledge, skills and abilities to help the youngsters with their techniques.

Riki Katagiri-Adamcik teaches all the classes and practices along with his assistant of 14 years Al Baley. There are many other others who also assist so that all students receive expert instruction during practice.

There may be times when the Dojo is closed for holidays and Judo tournaments; closure announcements are given well in advance of the date.

11:30 AM Taiko Class By Koshio Ryu Taiko Do

Beginners Taiko Class 1:30 PM – It’s Never Too Late to Start Something New!


One Week Free Trial – Dues Prorated After Free Week


YOUTH: $45.00

ADULT: $85.00

Initiation Fee $20.00 one time

Please come in to interview the instructors and the students. Watch as many classes as you wish.

Please visit other good Judo schools in Mesa: Southwest Judo Jujitsu Academy and Heart Judo.. Chose the one you feel meets your needs and wants.