Riki Judo Dojo – Original, Authentic, and Traditional
Irrashaimasei! Welcome!

Adult Classes Only (Sorry, Youth classes have been suspended until further notice)

What we teach.…….Riki Judo Dojo located in Mesa, AZ in the Phoenix, AZ metropolitan area, is dedicated to teaching and practicing original, authentic and traditional Kodokan Judo as Professor Jigoro Kano, its’ founder, had originally intended. While many of today’s Judo schools are strictly competition oriented; Riki Judo Dojo is knowledge, skills and abilities dedicated. Your knowledge, skills and abilities will help you prevail in competition, at school, at work, at home and throughout your life. Whether you want to compete in Judo tournaments, learn self-defense or just want a martial art that will help you stay fit and healthy, you will enjoy and succeed in Kodokan Judo at Riki Judo Dojo.

When we teach……..Riki Judo Dojo has classes for Adults only; Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings. Monthly dues are reasonable and allow you to come as many times as you desire and there is no contract. See our schedule section for times and class descriptions. Classes are held on our Olympic Games quality Judo tatami (mats) that sit atop 1,500 shock absorbing foam blocks making Riki Judo Dojo’s practice area very safe when falling. At Riki Judo Dojo we stress “safety first” during all classes.

Who teaches……..Riki sensei, with over 50 years of Kodokan Judo, Japanese Jujitsu, Karate and other martial arts experience, teaches the classes. He is assisted by his lead student and dedicated follower for over 14 years, Al Baley. Riki sensei has been teaching for 30 years after competing for 20 years at the national and international level. Riki sensei requires all the high ranking students to help beginners, youth, and lower ranking students achieve success in their Judo endeavors. Riki sensei ensures that all members understand and practice mutual respect, mutual welfare and mutual benefit at all times – in Japanese this is called Jita Kyoei and is a core principle of Kodokan Judo created by Professor Kano.

Principle taught…….Seiroku Zenyo or “best use of energy” is the core principle of Kodokan Judo as created by Professor Kano. Best use of energy is simply; maximum efficiency with minimum effort. A person of small stature can overcome a larger and stronger opponent by using this principle. Technique will win over brute strength. Riki sensei’s teaching method keeps this principle at the forefront of all his classes.

Roots of Judo – Kata………. Kata are the prearranged forms of techniques that tell a story as they demonstrate attack and defense and are tied to Seiroku Zenyo or best use of energy. The katas include throwing techniques, grappling techniques and striking techniques. Riki sensei studied these kata in Japan from high ranking teachers at the Kodokan, the world renowned Judo school in Tokyo, and the Tokyo Police Academy where he studied and practiced methods of reality based self-defense. Riki Judo Dojo is the only Judo school in Arizona that teaches and practices Kodokan Judo Kata, the roots of original Judo, on a weekly basis.

More than just Judo…….Riki Judo Dojo is more than a place to study and learn Kodokan Judo and Japanese Jujitsu. Riki sensei also teaches the Japanese language, the culture, the food, the music, dance, the customs and many other fun things of Japan and Asia.