Jeff Decker presented his SHODAN, first step kuro obi! Jeff scored perfectly in his extensive test, all in Japanese, of nage waza, katame waza, nage no kata and katame no kata. July 2017

A perfectly executed ojigi (bow of respect).

Proud handshake.

Kano Ryu Kodokan Judo Shodan Certificate

Tim san, Jeff’s great friend and mentor presented him with a special Kodokan Kuro Obi

All of us who helped Jeff achieve his Shodan. ARIGATOU!

The above photo is of JB and Taka fro Koshio Ryu Taiko Do who performed at Jeff’s promotion ceremony.

Judd, working hard to get the Osotogari!

Grayson, demonstrating how a dojo sempai earns the respect of kohai.

The proper way to place your zori when getting onto the tatami.

Judo art in coffee

Zarei – Strive for perfection.

Here’s some pictures of the Youth class. They’re having fun!
Konjo – When the going gets tough, the tough get going! Stick to it, don’t give up!
Takata sensei, Kodokan Kyudan – Takata sensei known as
“Mr. Hanegoshi” as he could throw you in any direction with his tokuiwaza. He was also famous for his knowledge of Nage No Kata and its roots in Jujutsu. Takata sensei stayed at Riki sensei’s house in Tucson, AZ for many months and taught at the University of Arizona Judo Club as well as providing seminars to Arizona Judoka back in the 1960s. Takata sensei guided Riki sensei during his many years of Judo in Japan.
Brilliant Kouchigari. Look at the tori’s right foot behind the uke’s heel. Look at the kuzushi with both arms pushing in the same direction. Look at the tori’s head and eyes. Look at tori’s left foot push; you can see he has used every fiber in his body to execute this throw!
Riki sensei with Tim, Jeff and Grayson after a great practice.
Here are the numbers 1 to 10 in Japanese and how to write them:
From the Japanese Anime series; “Yawara, a Stylish Judo Girl”, it’s on Youtube

A Hachimaki (headband foled 8 times), the red rising sun of the Japanese flag, the kanji (Japanese characters) for TOUKON which means fighting spirit.